Welcome To The Jefferson Academy PT0

Our goal is to get students and parents engaged in a more rounded educational experience through extracurricular activities and educational support. The PTO will hold regular fundraisers and events and help to coordinate extracurricular programs. These events and programs will depend solely on parents support and funds raised through the PTO. The PTO will also be working to foster community involvement and build a strong relationship with the community.

Parent Resources

Are you looking for resources to enhance your children’s educational experiences at home? Visit our resources section for some great enrichment ideas.

Enrichment Resources

Become a Registered Member of the PTO

We need your help! The PTA is an organization made up of parents working for the benefit of their kids. We need members and volunteers to make it all work. We have a number of projects in the works and we need your input, participation and leadership.

All parents, teachers, grandparents and guardians are members of the PTA but only registered members can vote or volunteer. Registration is easy and all we need is a little bit of information from you.

Become a Registered Member

If you need help please contact us:


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